An experienced Freelance UX/UI Designer & Visual Designer.

At its core UX design is about solving problems, just like visual design is visual problem solving. Drawing on my experience, I approach UX/UI design challenges with a unique perspective that goes beyond aesthetics. It's about understanding what users want and to make sure they get want they want as quickly and intuitively as possible.

This not only makes things easier for users, but also helps tell the brand's story in a digital world. Whether it's designing websites, UX design, or UI design, my approach is all about meeting the needs of users, whether they're in the UK or anywhere else in the world. From the chill vibes of Cornwall to the vast digital landscape, I create designs that don’t just work, but they engage and in turn drive conversions.


Crafting rapid prototypes for real-device testing has been a total game-changer. Need some UX/UI design enhancements for your site or product? Let’s collaborate on creating a prototype and put it to the test with real users.

Mobile-first design

I always prioritise mobile-first design based on data insights. With a keen eye for compelling UI and user experiences, I stay at the forefront of design trends through continuous research.

Full design systems

Figma has truly transformed the UX/UI design system process, making it a pleasure to work with. Exciting news—soon, you’ll be able to access my own eCommerce UI design system on the Figma community!

Insights | Digital Strategy

6 Strategies for your Homeware & Lifestyle Shopify Store

For this article I am going to be diving in and sharing the knowledge & experience I have as a Shopify Designer. I will be going into detail on what I discovered and what has been converting well for clients. Then I will list some key user needs and share some real examples and solutions that can help your online store grow.

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