Freelance Brand Designer. Bringing brands to life since 2002.

Specialising in brand identity, logo design, rebrands, and meticulous refinements. The ultimate goal is to elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression, whether it's rejuvenating an existing brand or shaping a completely new identity.

Ideas first

Inspired by ‘Smile in the Mind,’ the design bible filled with witty brilliance, I still carry that mindset today. Infusing wit into designs, I believe in creating memorable and engaging experiences that leave a lasting smile.

Guides not rules

I don’t believe in rigid rules; instead I provide flexible guidelines. My aim is to empower individuals to carry a brand forward and encourage the ease of creating something new. Creativity should flow not be stifled.


This is where it all began two decades ago. Print design runs in the family, and my wealth of knowledge in this field reflects years of experience.

Insights | Digital Strategy

6 Strategies for your Homeware & Lifestyle Shopify Store

For this article I am going to be diving in and sharing the knowledge & experience I have as a Shopify Designer. I will be going into detail on what I discovered and what has been converting well for clients. Then I will list some key user needs and share some real examples and solutions that can help your online store grow.

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