01. Instagram Stories

Wrangler Womens heritage campaign mobile screens

Introducing a series of captivating videos designed to disrupt the way users interact with content. Our strategy? Disrupt the mundane swiping rhythm to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Through a series of striking still images and compelling videos, we’ve curated an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, aiming not just to entertain but to drive up conversions and engagement levels.

With each video carefully crafted for maximum impact, our series ensures that every second counts. Whether it’s the seamless transition between stills and videos or the clever use of visuals to tell a compelling story.

In a world saturated with content, it’s time to stand out. Embrace the unexpected, captivate your audience, and elevate your brand presence with the series of disruptive videos.

02. Facebook carousels

Carousel 1 – Awareness. This video is to start of the journey and gain awareness of the campaign.

Carousel 2 – Awareness. This video is the 2nd part of the awareness journey and shows a bit more of the story behind the campaign.

Carousel 3 – Shopping. Now we target more specifically and show off the different styles and cuts of jeans.

Carousel 4 – Shopping. Now we focus on the style that has been interacted with and showcase the different colours.

Having 6 seconds to tell a short bit of messaging in an engaging way is extremely challenging and fun. Music plays a huge part in videos of this duration, having the logo sting with and the end call to action with a nice drum beat is always satisfying to create.

04. Youtube Shopping 6 seconds

05. Youtube Shopping 15 seconds